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1 Sept 2017

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July 18, 2015

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D578UV3 Mobile

AT-D578UV3 DMR Dual Band Mobile Radio
Tri-Band Mobile Radio (USA/Canada) only.

Outstanding features
Cross band repeater function (analog-analog, analog-DMR mixture, DMR-DMR)
Dual RX simultaneously (Analog+DMR or Analog+Analog)
Allows UU , UV, VV and VU dual band
Full duplex talk same as the mobilephone(with BT earpiece or wired earpiece)
Two power transistor PA for higher power
AES256 digital encryption
PTT Over Ride in digital channel ( allows the supervisor to start the transmission while the worker is talking)
Weather Alert

You can pick one of the four different radios described below:

D578UV3 is the basic unit and has no GPS or Bluetooth and cost - NA
D578UV3G is same as above with GPS but no Bluetooth and cost $329.99
D578UV3B is same as above with BlueTooth but no GPS and cost - NA
D578UV3PRO is same as above with BlueTooth and GPS and cost $399.99

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AT-D578UV3 DMR-TRI Band Mobile Radio

Frequency Range:
Tri-band(for US/Canada only)
136~174 & 220~225 & 400~480MHz

• Working Mode: Full duplex on UU, UV, VV,VU. Dual RX(Analog+DMR or Analog+Analog)
• True-2-slot: Provides 2-slot communication which allows for 2 talk paths on 1 frequency;
ETSI DMR Tier I and II compliant
• Power: VHF 60W/25W/10W; UHF 50W/25W/10W
• Auto-senses digital or analog reception
• 4000 channels + VFO; 10,000 Talk groups with 200,000 digital contacts
• Support Contact Manager
• Display: 1.77 inch TFT color LCD, dual display; dual PA; dual PTT
• Bandwidth: 12.5K/25K (Analog); 12.5K (DMR);
• Weather Alerts
• VOX Function; Digital Recording and Play
• DTMF/2TONE/5TONE encode and decode
• AES256 digital encryption; Zone selection
• SMS via keyboard
• Crossband repeater function
• Ranging function between radios with GPS
• Roaming function; Talker alias function
• Emergency alarm (with GPS data transmission)
• IP connect to Motorola Repeater
• Duplexer Talk(Optional)
• Call interrupt(Optional)
Allow the radio installs at any place of the car, all operations can be done by BT microphone.
Tri-band(for US/Canada only)
136~174 & 222~225 & 400~480MHz

US: Part 15B certification for tri band. TX 144-148MHz, 222-225MHz, 420-450MHz. RX 136-174MHz, 222-225MHz, 400-480MHz
Part 90 certification for dual band. TX 136-174MHz, 400-480MHz. RX 136-174MHz, 400-480MHz

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ETA is end of August
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Get the custom-made PR-222-UV mobile antenna

Mag Mount for
Antenna - $25.00* More + Shipping($95.00Value)
Mag Mount - $20.00* More + Shippingg($50.00Value)
*subject to change without notice.


D578UV3G-31 Mobile w/GPS
D578UV3G-32 Mobile w/GPS + Antenna
D578UV3G-33 Mobile w/GPS + Antenna + Mag Mount
D578UV3PRO-34 Mobile w/GPS
D578UV3PRO-35 Mobile + Antenna
D578UV3PRO-36 Mobile + Antenna + Mag Mount
D578UV Mobile Reservation
$ 50.00
Group Purchase Available - 1 Carton (10 units min)

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