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1 Sept 2017

DMR Dual-band radios arrive from China>>

July 18, 2015

Started Premier Communications Antennas for Commercial, Industrial, and Amateur use.>>

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R80 - DMR / Analog / LTE
25 / 50w Repeater
$3299.95* usd MSRP-base price
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Now includes CDMA-3G-4G-LTE-WiFi capable.

VHF or UHF Bands - Allows reception of Digital DMR - Analog - Hybrid modes
Features both DMR digital and analog modes on any channel

1.      Tier-2 DMR Standard of ETSITS102-361.

2.      TIA/EIA-603C and MIL-STD-810 Standard.

3.      Maximum power 25W/50W, increases the communication distance and reliability.

4.      Unaffected sensitivity even under transmitting mode with full power.

5.      Modular design and optimized RF performance, easy maintenance.

6.      Many technology patents applied.

7.      Fast transmitting for analog signaling and sub-tone signaling.

8.      Base station mode anddispatcher mode available.

9.      Communication between radiosand cable telephone (PABX/PSTN) and mobile phones.

Extended Functions

1.      Auto-configuration,Self-diagnostic, Remote monitor and Network management (Monitor system software - optional).

2.      Communication between radios and telephone and mobile phones.

3.      Via Ethernet network, connect with GPRS/ CDMA/ 3G/ 4G/ LTE/ WIFI wirelessly (Extend to support the wireless IP network), support IP soft switch and multiple sites networking.

Programming Cable - Optional
Software updates via Contract - optional

If you are in these Industries:

Fire, search & rescue, EMS, police, sheriff, forestry, security patrols, business communications, schools, universities, and other organizations that have FCC licensed frequencies. Also operational on amateur radio DMR networks and analog frequencies.

Bundle Includes: Built-in Power Supply, USB Programming cable (optional) and downloadable software, user manual -
* subject to change without notice
Certifications: FCC Part 90 Certified, FCC ID TEYR-80

Optional Accessories

IP Network Module NL-001
Programming Cable


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