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  • Anytone Rapid Multi-Charger For AT-D878UV SERIES

    4 position charger for Anytone DMR radios

    AnyTone AT-D8x8UV series Rapid Multi-Charger can charge 4 radios or batteries at the same time and allows you to charge more efficient and faster.
    When charging, indicators are red; while fully charged, will become green. The base with 4 non-slip mats.

    Package Include: 1 x 4-Bay charger 1 x with Power cord

    Price: $99.00
  • AT BT-01 Bluetooth microphone

    The Bluetooth mobile speaker mic acts like a wireless remote mount, giving you full control and functionality of your mobile radio in the palm of your hand.
    Price: $149.99
  • AT-GJ-0485 Base Station/Repeater for D578UV
    AnyTone GJ-0485 Base Station kit for D578UV
    The GJ-0485 base station kit was designed to turn your mobile radio into a base station. This power supply can be powered using 110VAC or 220VAC and will provide up to 30Amps of current to power up your mobile radio. This base station power supply was designed to bext fit the AT-D578 but will work with other radio models.
    Price: $189.99
  • Nissei DG 503 Max
    SWR / Watt Meter
    This SWR & Watt meter is highly accurate for measuring Forward Power,
    Re×ected Power, and the VSWR of Analog and Digital transceivers.
    Price: $265.00
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